Model 15 Re-Inker

Instructions for the Installation of Military Modification Kit to Provide Automatically Re-Inked Nylon Ribbon by Telemethods International.

Reinker patent

First off, the machine could use some cleaning! I had not had it open in a while. So, please ignore the dust.Note in the first photo that there is a tab with a hole in it below and to the right of the right ribbon reel. This is for the re-inker

The second photo shows the parts in the re-inker kit. Though not shown in the photo, there is a shaft on the cylinder with the felt rings. That shaft drops into the hole to the right of the ribbon reel. The plastic piece to the left is used to put the felt rings on the cylinder. The felt ring is slid over the end with the small diameter and then slid up to the large diameter end as shown in the third photo.

As shown in the third photograph, the cover unscrews from the cylinder. The large diameter end of the felt installer has a groove that fits inside the open cyclinder so the felt can be slid off the installer onto the cylinder. The cylinder holds two felt rings.

The last photo shows the re-inker installed and the ribbon routed around it. No ink has yet been put in the re-inker. As mentioned above, the top comes off so ink can be added.

Ink that I've found suitable is BCH Magenta Oil-Based Premium Stamp Refill Ink by BCH for Pre-Inked Rubber Gel Pads & Dot Matrix Ribbons - 20 ml -0.68oz