Non-Resonant Inverted V

An inverted V is tied to the TH-3JRS/ mast, about a foot below the rotor. This puts the peak of the inverted V at about 22 feet AGL. Total length is about 60 feet. The ends are located at diagonal corners of the house. The center insulator is a DXE-UWA-KIT. The antenna is driven with about 50 feet of DX Engineering DXE-LL450-CTL 450 ohm ladder line. The ladder line is held away from the mast and the roof using 6 inch electric fence insulators. The ladder line is driven by a DX Engineering DXE-BAL050H10AT 50 ohms. 5 kW CW, 10 kW SSB current balun.

The images below show the VSWR sweep for each band and a Smith Chart for 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz. These are all measured at the output of the antenna tuner. The antenna tuner drives 5 feet of RG218XATC 50 ohm coax to the current balun, then the ladder line to the antenna.